42 Years of Oppression in Libya

Personal accounts of human rights abuses in Gaddafi’s Libya

A collection of 32 video recorded interviews conducted with women and men at various locations in Libya in 2012 and 2013, ’42 Years of Oppression’ aims to shed light on the diversity of the human rights abuses that took place during the four decades of Gaddafi rule that preceded the 2011 revolution.

The uprising turned bloody and violations were commitments by members of armed and political groups across the spectrum, all of whom had lived in Gaddafi’s Libya, where property could be confiscated, bodies tortured, and dissidents assassinated with impunity.

Watch the interviews and read summaries at www.Libya42.org

Download a book of the stories ’42 Years of Oppression: Human Rights Abuses During the Gaddafi Era in Libya’ [PDF, English]

Download ‘٤٢ عاماً من القمع: انتهاكات حقوق الانسان في عهد القذافي‘ [PDF, Arabic]

Written by: Reem Maghribi
Translated by:
Produced by Sharq.Org
Interviews filmed by Naziha Arebi
Book Published by: Dar Nahda (2014)
Initiative supported by: The Arab Human Rights Fund

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