Collective Advocacy for Marginalised Groups

Enhancing grassroots advocacy and activism in support of marginalised communities.

Sharq.Org has launched an initiative, with the support of Minority Rights Group, that seeks to strengthen grassroots and collaborative advocacy that spotlights the challenges and needs of marginalised communities across the Arab region. Ten activists from across the region have been invited to participate in the initiative, which includes interactive workshops and the co-development of an advocacy campaign, following an open call for participants.

The primary objectives of the initiative are:

  • enhancing the capacity of rights groups to represent themselves and their marginalised beneficiaries and advocate publicly and strategically;
  • promoting an understanding of the value of grassroots activism of the kind that engages and pushes individuals to the fore and engages communities;
  • promoting and facilitating collaborative efforts by different rights groups to demand for more pluralistic systems of governance.

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