Illustration by Nadine Kaadan

Peaceful Coexistence in the Diaspora


A team of researchers in six different countries conducted and recorded interviews with Syrians and locals in a bid to explore and document the factors that impact integration and peaceful coexistence. What impact do language fluency and academic qualifications have on a Syrians ability to feel welcome and create a home in a new country, or on a local’s ability to welcome them? What role do religion and politics play? How have civil society organisations and work programmes influenced the experiences of Syrians and the attitudes of locals?

Over fifty interviews were conducted in Lebanon, Cyprus, Sweden, Germany, France and the UK, in either Arabic, English or French. Summaries of the audio recordings and written overviews for each in English and Arabic can be accessed on Tarikhi: the Platform of Arab World Voices, as part of Sharq’s ongoing undertaking to promote story exchange in and about the Arab world.

A review of the interviews and existing research into the subject resulted in the production of a series of six studies, which themselves were the foundation for a podcast. Both the studies and podcasts will be published here soon.

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