Podcast: Syrians in the Diaspora

A six-part Arabic language podcast series exploring different factors that impact peaceful coexistence.

Based on the oral history collection ‘Peaceful Coexistence in the Diaspora’.

Episodes [Audio in Arabic]:

Produced by Reem Maghribi
Narrated [in Arabic] by Ranem Khallouf
Sound production by Saad Alsawan

Integration, assimilation, tolerance…. These are all words used by politicians, community hubs, employment centres, and citizens in countries with refugee and immigrant populations. In using these words, they are asserting that immigrants and refugees are an “other”, unlike them, in need of a change in attitude and lifestyle if they are to be welcome.

But not all politicians and citizens in these countries put the onus solely on the immigrant to find contentment and prosperity in their new home country. Some talk about acceptance and peaceful coexistence.

Sharq.Org explores the experiences of migrants and refugees in the podcast ‘Syrians in the Diaspora’, a series of six episodes in which the impact of different factors on the ability of immigrants and refugees to peacefully coexist with the various communities they come across and live among in their new home countries is explored.

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