Media Series: The Many Impacts of War


Sharq.Org collaborated with Syrian media outlet al-Gherbal in 2016 and 2017, mentoring teams of journalists working collectively to produce a series of articles related and shed light on the many impacts of war. The series addressed a multitude of topics, including: war-time labour initiatives, the restoration and recovery of archaeological monuments, the role of women, the effect of displacement on children, the impact of war on social relations, alternative security systems, post-war economic reconstruction, migration and integration, and the prosperity of refugees, to name but a few.

The articles were written in Arabic and published on the al-Gherbal website and in its print edition newspaper.

The Syrian Observer translated into English and published some of the articles:

Syrian Businesses in Turkey Overcome Challenges and Start to Compete

Endless Suffering of Syria’s Widows — Can the Cycle Be Broken?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Generation of Syrian Migrants Endure Limited Options and Frozen Dreams

Aid-weary Aleppans Head Timid Initiatives to Rebuild Destroyed Industrial Sector

After Edging Out ISIS, Syria’s North Strives for Self-dependence by Reviving Local Production

Syrian civil society launches alternative media

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