Syrian Histories

A collection of over 120 interviews with Syrians about life and society in Syria before 2011

Syrian Histories is a collection of recorded interviews that address the culture and society of Syria in the decades preceding 2011. Over 120 interviews have been conducted and documented to date, with another 70 planned over the coming year.

Collectively, the interviews present a cultural and social narrative of Syria, and offer Syrians the opportunity to contribute to the understanding of their own history.

The interviewees are as diverse as the topics they discuss. Among the women and men, youth and elderly interviewed are professors and illiterates, industrialists and bedouins, single mothers and polygamists, worshippers and atheists, Kurds, Assyrians, Ismailis and Sunnis, to name but a few.

You can watch, listen to and read summaries of the interviews at

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