Workshops: Citizen Journalism

Supporting journalistic integrity and critical thinking in Syria.

Over one hundred Syrian citizen journalists attended intensive workshops run by Sharq.Org in Lebanon and Turkey in 2012 and 2013. The workshop curriculum included the skills and principles of print and broadcast journalism, including story formation and interview techniques, as well as digital security, and demanded collective action by media professionals from diverse backgrounds.

In subsequent years, Sharq.Org has run projects to support professional teams of Syrian journalists working in Syria, Turkey and Europe in the production of reports for online and print publication. With a view to effecting long-term social change in Syria by strengthening critical thinking and discursive engagement, the goal of the training and mentoring programme has been to enable the development of a strong professional cadre into a vehicle for social change.

Among the series of articles produced was one about the many impacts of war in Syria, produced with journalists at the Syrian newspaper al-Gherbal, and one about extremism in Syria and Europe, produced in partnership with Syrian organisation Sound & Picture.

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